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Florida Writers Association 
Collaborating authors living in Florida and California is no obstacle for Elaine and Margarete.  

           AUGUST 2014
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Right in Sight  

If you like reading a laugh out loud, tear jerking mystery, you will enjoy this cozy puzzling story about a sassy newspaper columnist, Kate Lambrose. After she receives a cryptic poem asking her to locate a missing person, she discovers the mystery is a perfect distraction from her grief over the loss of her husband who isn’t dead, but gay. While Kate juggles her teenage daughter’s angst over her father’s revelation, surprise visits from family, and keeping her at-arms-length boyfriend at arm’s length, she unriddles the cryptic poem and discovers a 40-year-old murder. Unknowingly, she befriends the killer who targets her next.   

Nowhere in Sight 

The curious phrase—your future is in the past—written on the backing board of a misplaced portrait, sounds like a curse to Kate Lambrose. Nevertheless, Kate highlights the missing family heirloom in her In Sight column, inviting her readers to join in the ornate treasure chase. Kate’s future becomes one puzzle after another when a mystery caller claims the portrait of Grandmother Petra belongs on their family tree. While Kate hunts for clues to locate the portrait, she struggles with family challenges, and yet another cry for help to unearth the stench at Glenwood cemetery. But wait! Legal troubles arise when an anonymous person threatens to take Kate to court and someone follows her leads. As Kate dons her hero cape, she puts to rest her past relationships to embrace romance with one of Yardman’s finest. With a cop as backup, and Luanne at her side, Kate becomes a target not once, but twice!

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